What’s the Practical Tool to Use for Pizza Dough?

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The chances are that if you run a restaurant, a pizza shop, or a cafeteria, you’ve tried dozens of different tools for your pizza dough.  Cast iron pans, perforated baking sheets, and pizza stones have all been tried countless times by millions of different restaurant owners. You’ve probably even tried just tossing the pizza into the oven with nothing underneath it. But which one is the right one?

When you’re making dozens, or even hundreds, of frozen pizza dough balls each and every day, you want to leave the cast iron pan and the pizza stone. These tools are really meant for home-cooking, and aren’t suitable for commercial kitchens. Your best bet by far is the perforated baking sheet. Because there are holes found along the bottoms of these sheets, they help ensure that the pizza crust bakes up crisp and brown, without overcooking the toppings on the pizza.

And when you’re using those perforated baking sheets, remember to sprinkle them or the bottom of the dough with cornmeal first. This will help them slide right off the pan as soon as they come out of the oven, and won’t make your pizza greasy the same way oil would.

When it’s time for you to find the right tool for your pizza, use only perforated baking sheets. They’re really the best tool to get the job done.