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Pizza Crust with Health Benefits
The spotlight is on healthy and delicious Alternative Pizza Crust options in DeIorio’s research and development test kitchens and they easily met the challenge of producing Alternative Crusts that met consumers’ health demands while satisfying their taste buds with delicious pizza crust options.

DeIorio’s largest expansion of Pizza crusts has been its consumer driven Alternative Crust line. They hit the ground running, successfully introducing its Broccoli and Cauliflower Plant Based crusts with plans to add Sweet Potato and Chickpea. Also in the alternative crust line are the Gluten Free Crusts and Keto Crusts.

Devoted to its customers, DeIorio’s continues its research and development of products that will meet the future health demands of its customers. Heart Healthy, Low Carb, Options to managing food allergies and intolerances, DeIorio’s has its focus on producing pizza crusts that fit in with these dietary demands AND taste good! Future labeling that tailors fats, sodium, fiber, pre/probiotics, nuts and dairy, Clean Label, Non-Dairy, Nut Free, Sugar free options. Adding, eliminating and adjusting trigger ingredients will make it easier for their customers to help their patrons take charge of their pizza options.

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Alternative Crusts
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