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Convenience Store Pizza Prep


 “Deiorio’s has been a huge part of my success here at RH Foster. Our Freshies brand has depended on Deiorio’s dough and they have always supported us at every turn. Deiorio’s has even made custom products to support our business. In addition to being responsive to our needs, they have provided culinary visits with their corporate team to introduce new products and give us training on the products we use. Doing business with Deiorio’s has been a pleasure and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to grow their food brand.”

– R. Dumas


We know running a convenience store or gas station requires efficient time and space management to maximize profit. One of the best ways to do that is to offer profitable yet delicious food service programs that keep your customers coming back for more. And when it comes to convenience store pizza, we’ve got you covered. DeIorio’s pizza programs for convenience stores are the perfect solution to enhance your profit per square footage (PSF). Our high-quality wholesale pizza dough and breadstick options will not only please your customers but also save your business time and money in the long run.


Maximize your profit with DeIorio’s Pizza Program for Convenience Stores:
Our frozen pizza dough for your convenience store can help to increase your profit per square foot (PSF). It’s easy to use and will create a consistent, tasty product – every time! Plus, it offers versatility to create endless menu items that your customers will love. Our C-store pizza programs give you the ability to sell products for every day, all day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Keep your customers coming back for more with deep dish options, organic options, pre-topped pizza options, breakfast pizzas, breadsticks, and so much more! 


C-Store Pizza Prep Training & Support:
What else is so special about DeIorio’s? We’ll send our professionals to train your staff, giving them the ability to make consistent products and reduce costs. We understand it is not easy for C-stores to maintain employees for a long period of time – that’s why we make it so easy to use our products. Your employees will also learn how to maximize that valuable freezer space.


Looking for healthier C-Store Pizza?
We know you want to appeal to your health-conscious visitors as well. DeIorio’s offers gluten-free pizza shells. We even offer Plant Infused pizza dough and Certified Organic pizza dough for convenience stores.

Plant Based Products | Gluten Free Products | Keto Products

Consistency, versatility, and high profit margins are possible when teaming up with DeIorio’s. What’s not to love? Contact us today to learn why DeIorio’s is a top-rated convenience store pizza dough supplier and wholesaler.


Are you interested in our C-Store Pizza Program?
DeIorio’s is happy to provide sample products and offers taste testing, as well. You’ll see how easy and consistent our pizza products are to use, and taste the final outcome firsthand!

If you have questions or want to try sample products, Contact Us Now!

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