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DeIorio’s has been manufacturing bread and sub rolls since 1924. As a result, we have evolved into a leading wholesale bread manufacturer. Our customers love the consistency and versatility our products, such as dinner rolls, breadsticks, sub rolls, Kaiser rolls and other various breads, bring to their companies. Throughout the years, DeIorio’s has created a quick and trouble-free process that is easy to follow. The suggested process would be to remove the bread dough from the freezer and pan them up from the frozen bread dough state. Next, you need to cover the bread dough so no air gets into/onto the product. Following that, thaw them overnight in a cooler. The following day, you need to pull the bread and sub rolls dough, proof them (typically an hour or until double their size) and then bake for approximately 15-30 minutes depending on the SKU you purchased. Finally, the fresh baked bread smell will fill your store, which customers love!

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DeIorios is a Trusted Supplier

In fact, DeIorio’s is the trusted wholesale bread supplier for a variety of industries, including:

Sub Shops
Convenience Stores
Schools / Institutions

Benefits of Frozen Bread Dough
Labor Saving

Breads Typical Users
Our Flour Makes the Difference
    • We use only naturally matured, unbleached wheat flour, ground from spring wheat, readily high in protein
    • No chemical bleaching or bromating here.
    • Various sizes and shapes available
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