100 Years of
Making Dough for You!

 A journey began with two brothers, crafting authentic Italian bread in a coal fired brick oven, spanning the backyards of three families. 


 The influx of growth capital, and leadership has ensured continued product development and expansion.  

DeIorio’s has become a distinguished leader in the frozen dough industry.

100 Year Anniversary Logo


DeIorio brothers

Backyard Brick Oven 

In 1924, – Pasquale (Pat) and Giovanni (John) DeIorio, together with their wives, went into the baking business. They built a coal fired brick oven, purchased a mixer and worked as a team in the bakery which spanned the backyards of three two-family homes.

DeIorio's original oven

The Lansing Street bakery crew grew and hearth baked Italian bread was sold in the bakery and delivered house to house.


tomato pie

1926 – The first “Tomato Pie” was introduced and sold to homes, stores and served at many weddings in East Utica.

First to Bag
Italian Bread

– 1929  

Sliced Bread
bread rolls


During the Great Depression

In the afternoon, when the ovens were cooling, local housewives brought their own dough to be baked for a penny per pound,   and during the holidays, turkeys and hams were baked for free.

First Traveling Stone Deck Oven for Italian Bread

– 1930s  

First to Slice & Wrap
Italian Bread

– 1932-34  

sliced bread
This Label Means Quality on the Table

“This label means quality on the table”


Growing and Moving

1948  – DeIorio’s moved to a 10,000 square foot facility on Elizabeth Street, Utica. Bread was 8¢ per loaf and a shopping  bag full of bread heels were 35¢.


Pat’s son, Vinny, helping on an innovative dough stretching machine created by the DeIorio brothers.

1951 – DeIorio’s installed their first  walk-in freezer and stored baked bread  to keep up with demand.

DeIorio's bakery trucks

Expansion for Custom Automation

1970  –  DeIorio’s grows to 22,000  square feet to accommodate a custom automated system and three bulk flour silos.

packaging bread
bread cart

Supermarket Bakeries

1979  –  DeIorio’s developed  and offered the first of its kind  in-store bakery system,  a “turn-key”  operation with dough products, and training program. Specialty proofers and mini ovens occupied a small footprint, making it convenient for independent grocery stores to produce fresh baked breads.



Frozen Dough Added to Fresh Products

– 1980’s  

Major Shift from Retail to Wholesale

1985  –  DeIorio’s made a change from the previous 60 years of selling DSD (Direct Store Delivery) to the frozen wholesale food service market.

dough flat

Sheeted Pizza Dough  – 1985

Dough Ball Box

Revolutionary Dough Balls

1995  –  DeIorio’s unique proprietary formulation and manufacturing process for dough balls helped broaden sales.

DeIorio's Semi Truck

Focus on Frozen

1991  –  Sales increased when all fresh baked product lines were stopped and DeIorio’s began full focus on the frozen dough and pizza market.

Dough Ball Assembly Line

Northeast Regions Expanded

1992  –  DeIorios expanded delivery to the Northeast, and then Mid-Atlantic region as frozen food service demand increased.

Plant size tripled for expanding manufacturing

1997-2000  –  DeIorio’s moves to a larger 90,000 square foot facility on Bleecker Street.



2002  –  Decades of manufacturing experience enabled DeIorio’s to expand into private labeling.

Investment in Sheeting Line

– 2006  

2007  –  DeIorio’s introduced a full line of Par-Baked products and updated logo.

deiorios logo
par baked dough
gluten free pizzas

Gluten Free Operation

2007  –  DeIorio’s expands its manufacturing footprint by creating a dedicated certified gluten free environment within their current manufacturing facility.



Multi-Million Dollar
Investment in Pizza Topping Line

2012–  DeIorio’s added the topping line for food service and private branded retail pizzas.

Assembly Line
Dough Ball Assembly

2011 –  Innovative dough ball process improved high volume manufacturing, enabling DeIorio’s to expand to national locations and ship internationally.

Dough Balls Rise

Expansions and investments empowered DeIorio’s to service some of the largest retailers in the US.

Freezer Expansion

2012  –  DeIorio’s expands its freezer capacity to meet the growing product demand.


DeIorio’s Celebrates
100 Years


100 Year Anniversary Logo