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Few things in life are as simple as DeIorio’s Par-Baked Shell. Ideal for quick-service locations,concessions sellers, and any business owner who needs time on their side. Par-Baked Pizza Dough Shells are made of the finest ingredients and are delivered pre-stretched, baked, and ready for anything.

The process begins in our SQF Superior-rated dough manufacturing facility. Our unique manufacturing process produces a par-baked pizza dough shell with unbeatable taste and texture. DeIorio’s Par-Baked Pizza Dough Shells are available in a variety of shapes and sizes,from a personal 7-inch dough shell to a full sheet. Our Par-Baked Shell also comes in White,Whole Wheat, White Whole Wheat, and a special version made with chickpeas.

Par-Baked Pizza Dough is the best alternative to made-from-scratch pizza dough, ideal for those short on time needing to produce reliably delicious pizza products quickly. These pre-stretched, baked shells arrive at your facility ready for toppings — no proofing stage required. Simply top, bake, and serve.

With a cooler life of three to four days (depending on temperature) and optional private labeling available, DeIorio’s Par-Baked Shells are truly a one-stop shop for your business’ quick-service pizza dough needs.

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