Do You Always Have to Serve Your Frozen Pizza Dough Hot?

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Sometimes there’s nothing like a good piece of pizza that’s piping hot when you bite into it. Maybe it even burns the top of your roof just a tiny bit, to remind you of the delicious experience you just had. But what about all those many people that love leftover pizza dough, simply because it’s not so hot and after a little while, the flavors soak in and work together a bit to make it even more flavorful. We suggest having this on-hand, along with your freshly baked pizza, to make all your customers happy!

Of course, we don’t suggest simply serving frozen pizza dough. But thaw it out, cook a couple of pizzas the way you normally would, and then pop them in the fridge. To save you room, and be able to serve these cold delights to individual customers, let the pizza cool down and then wrap them one-by-one to hand out as they’re ordered.

Another way to serve your restaurant’s pizza crust cold is to stack it in the pizza warmer as you normally would, and then simply ask your customers as they come in whether they’d like their pizza hot, cold, or medium. If they order a medium, take a slice out of the warmer and serve it up just like that. This way, it won’t be fridge-cold for those who don’t like hardened cheese and that chilly bite, but it also won’t be piping hot from the oven.